Get away trip to Manjuyod Sandbar

Get away trip to Manjuyod Sandbar

Stress has always been a part of our life. People have different ways of handling it.For me, traveling is the best method to get away from it all.

It was a hell of a week at work. So, weekend that time, I rushed myself way home and packed up for another solo travel. I decided to visit Manjuyod White Sandbar since it has been on my list for quite some time waiting to be ticked off.


A small portion of the sandbar.

Manjuyod White Sandbar, though technically belonging to the jurisdiction of the neighboring Manjuyod town, the sandbar is closely associated to Bais City because of its proximity and popularity in the Bais area. This pristine 7 kilometers stretch of premium white sand has an estimated total strip area of 600 hectare, including the submerged portions. Unfortunately, I was not able to witness its full shape when I visited because the tide was just started to fall.

This was around 5pm . That time the water receded slowly.

On the island, you can find native wooden houses built on stilt and appear to be floating on the water during high tide. These cottages could be rented for overnight stays and can be booked at the Bais City Tourism Office which can be reached at (035) 541-5161 / 402-8174 Fax (035) 402-8181.

Private cottages built in stints.
Signature pose 😎


From Cebu City

1. Go to Southbound Bus Terminal. Look for a Ceres bus with a sign board that says BATO via OSLOB. Fare from Cebu City to Lilo-an Port is 185 pesos for air-conditioned bus. Travel time will take approximately 4 hours.

2. The bus will drop you off directly to Lilo-an ferry terminal in which you will take a fast craft bound to Sibulan pier. Fare is 65 pesos (including terminal fee) and travel time takes about 15-20 minutes.

3. Upon arrival at Sibulan terminal, walk around 5-10 minutes going to the bus stop station. Then wait for bus that has a sign board that says Manjuyod. Tell the conductor you are heading to Manjuyod sandbar. They know where to drop you off. Fare is 65-70 pesos.

4. Bus will take you to a certain junction (I forgot the name of the place) where there are a lot of tricycles waiting to take you to where you can get a boat. It’s 10-15 minutes away from the main road. Roundtrip fare is around 150-200 pesos.

From Dumaguete City

1. From the city proper, take a habal habal and tell the driver to take you to the bus terminal. Fare is 8 pesos only. Some drivers will ask for more but tell them that the local rate is 8 pesos per passenger because it is.

2. Upon arriving at the terminal, board a bus going to Manjuyod. And then follow details provided above.

 (FYI: The route I provided above is different from what you usually read on other blogs. I prefer this one because it is nearer to the sandbar and you have a great chance to haggle to the boat owners.)

I have all the time to relax. 


“People don’t take trips — trips take people.” A solo trip, in particular, can have lasting benefits. It’s a perfect time for me to be free from distractions of daily life. I focus myself on the present moment , feel the good vibes and enjoying the gift of solitude. Reflect, introspect and relax as much as I want.    There’s a plenty of time to know more of myself – to have deeper understanding of who I am and what matters to me.  Having a strong sense of self will contibute to a calmer, more centered state.

Sunset hues.


1. Always check the weather condition.

2. If you travel alone, expect that it will be a lot expensive.

3. The best time to visit Manjuyod Sandbar is during 6AM – 9AM in the morning or 3PM – 5PM in the afternoon.

4. If you want to arrange a boat, please contact Kuya Demi at this number +63 936 201 7027. He can help you look for a boat at a cheaper price. If you are traveling alone, like me, prepare around 1500 pesos for the boat. But I haggled and got it at 1200 pesos only. Kuya Demi will also help you find a place to shower after your dip.

5. Book ahead from your travel date if you want to rent the private cottages.

6. Be polite to locals.

7. Throw your garbage properly. Leave no trace principles.

8. Make friends 🙂













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